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About me

mY name is illicit china doll. I was born in miami, fl, BUT MY MOTHER AND FATHER ARE BOTH CUBAN. I GREW UP IN THE STREETS OF MIAMI FL. I WAS raised by a single mother and older brother. from a young age i was influenced by hip-hop. My older brother Magellan is one of my biggest influences in hip-hop, aside from naz, biggie, wu-tang, mobb deep, laury hill and fox brown. around the age of ten i began mimmicking my brothers freestyle and began writing my own lyrics. I came up with my name from my "chinky eyes" and i was also inspired by my cuban chinese Grandma.


In 2001 I moved to Orlando were I began to pursue my rapping career. I was lucky enough to find a well known local producer by the name of Blade a-k.a lita Illa Blade, which gave me the opportunity to work In the studio as well as with many local artists in the Central Florida music showcase, I was also featured on an issue at a local magazine Floridamagazine.com. I feel soo blessed that I had the oppertunity and gained the experience of working with local artists such as myself.


I'm now currently working with Eddy Marrero Cinematographer - Arranger - Audio Engineer from NY, whom God willing will take my career to the next level. We are working on getting my EPK together along with my first single "Cruisin". While in NY I had the pleasure of working with another one of the hottest music producers in NY Mighty Max, who collaborated in one of my songs "Treated You Wrong".









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